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OH NO!  The Mona Lisa is missing! Join us this summer to help BCA find, replace, & fix lost pieces of art for a series of art camps called Raiders of the lost ART! Every week will present a set of different art projects & challenges for students to complete in order to find or replace the lost art. For each art camp children meet Tuesday - Friday. Everyday students will enjoy a series of art games, projects, and a snack. 

4-7 Years Old

Dates: June 13-16 or July 11-14 

Times : 10 am - 12pm 

$50 members
$60 nonmembers

8-11 Years Old

Dates: June 20-23 or July 25-28

Times : 10 am - 1pm 

$60 members
$70 nonmembers

12-18Years Old

Dates: June 27-30

Times : 10 am - 1pm 

$70 members
$80 nonmembers

members please check your email for a coupon code to receive your discount

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