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Reflections of Water

Members Only Exhibition 

Water is a reflective surface. Art captures a moment forever. "Reflections Of Water" is a show focusing on those moments when water, whether still or moving, captured an artist's attention.  This was a members only exhibit, however the opening and show is for everyone to enjoy.  

Exhibit is now closed but we want to recognize all the members who submitted entries.  Thank You.

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Members Exhibiting their work

Jo Anne Anderson- Ft. Walton Beach Fla.- Watercolor


Barbara Crown- Lobster Boats in dock, Maine- Photography

                      -Lobster Shack, Maine- Photography

George Crown- Back Wash- Watercolor

                       Freighter Arthur Anderson, Watercolor


Sam Dickerson- Luna Landscape- Acrylic

                      -Fall Reflections- Acrylic

                      -Glorious Sunrise- Acrylic

                      -Sunset Splendor- Acrylic


Cecil Evans-    Midnight Moon- Acrylic                     

                    - The Baptism - Acrylic

Barbara Ervin   Watercolor


Jane Friedman- Peace-Watercolor

                      -Mountain Stream -Watercolor on rice paper

                      -Waterfall- Pastel 

Jimmy Gambrell- Table Rock-Photography

Myrl Garment-   A Perfect Day- Watercolor and Pencil

                      - Travelers- Watercolor

Cheryl Gibisch- Rattlesnake Creek- Metal Print Photography

                      -Secret Garden- Metal Print Photography

                     -Gotcha!- Photography

                     -Ready for Spaghetti-Photography

                     -Ready for Takeoff- Photography

Carolyn Gibson-Night at The Marina- Photography

                        -Sunrise in Color-Photography

Kathe Harris-   Offshore Squall- Acrylic

Ann Heard-    Silence -Acrylic

Roy Ivey-       American Birch-Bark- Photography

                   -Safe Refuge-Photography

                   -Watercolors- Photography


Craig Johnson - Renaissance Visions- Photography

                     - Tropical Delights-Photography

                     -Stairway to Heaven- Photography

Leyna Kmiechick- Peace Seeker- Photography

                          Sunny Side- Wood, Nails, String


Pam Kelley- Crystal Coast Sunset- Oil

                 Kenai Cruise- Oil

                 Lake Hartwell Retreat- Watercolor

                 Day Is Done-Oil 


Monica Leaning- James River- Watercolor

                       - Frozen- Watercolor



Mary McAlister    Night on The Grand Canal-Pastel

                         Serenity-Watercolor Mixed Media

Rosemary Moore- Splash of Twilight- Acrylic

                          Before The Storm- Acrylic

                          Mountain Stream- Acrylic

Hershal Pearson- Walk in the Rain- Acrylic

                         -The Guardian Acrylic

Mary Anne Porter- Waves- Pastels

                           Morning Mist- Pastels

Nancy Speer -  From Sea to Shining Sea- Watercolor

                      Reflections of Egret at the Inlet- Acrylic

William R Thomson  Sea Captain's Cathedral-Photography

                              Time and Tide  Photography 

                              Deep Blue- Photography

Diana M Walter  Good Omen of The Sea  -Mixed Media

                         Turbulence- Mixed Media

Dann R. Ward  -Underwater Disturbance- Oil based paint

                   -Land of the Dinasour-  Oil Based Paint with reptile 

Sandra Weber- Path To the Lowlands-Acrylic

                      Sunset with Mountains-Acrylic

                      Brooks Crossing- Acrylic   


Sue West          Easy Flow- Watercolor

                       Echo Lake- Watercolor

                        Beautiful Reflection- Acrylic\

Amanda Williams- Carolina Sunrise- Photography

                             A Walk in The Park- Photography

                             X Marks The Spot- Photography

                             Between Heaven and Earth- Photography

                             Furman Bell tower- Photography

Some Reflections

Luna Landscape

Underwater Disturbance

Sunrise in Color



Ready for Takeoff

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