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The Belton Center for the Arts Open Studio program is designed specifically for individuals working at advanced levels in ceramics. No ongoing instruction is given. Participants are expected to be able to function independently with regard to their own work, as well as to perform the technical tasks essential to the operation as a whole.

The Center is dedicated to maintaining the lowest possible studio fees and high quality equipment and services.


Studio Rules

  • You must be a BCA member to use the studio in any capacity.  Membership fees are details below under “Fees”.

  • You must have prior clay experience or be currently enrolled in a ceramics class.

  • Attendance at a free orientation class is required before studio use.

  • A parent or guardian must accompany children under 16.

  • The studio is designed as a community facility and is not designed for production work.

  • In ceramics, proper usage of products ensures safety. Misuse of products may expose the ceramicist to potentially harmful substances. Care should be taken to read all label instructions before using a product.

  • You must use your own tools.

  • Clean up after yourself.  

  • Shelving space is limited - be thoughtful of others.  

  • You must be authorized to use the kiln.

  • Must have full kiln for firing - or fire twice a week.



  • You must be a BCA member. Basic annual BCA memberships begin at $20 for students/seniors, $30 for an individual, or $40 for a family.  Ask a BCA staff member for other membership options.

  • Clay must be purchased from the Arts Center for $25.00 a bag.

  • Open Studio Membership Fees are $65.00 per month to work in studio and have your pottery fired.

  • If you wish to use the kiln only (and not the studio) for pottery made off-site, the following fees will apply per firing:

    • ¼ load   $25.00

    • ½ load $40.00

    • Full load $70.00

  • Bisque firings charges are ½ the above price.


Open Studio Hours

  • Tuesday - Friday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

  • Saturdays by appointment only

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