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Vendor Agreement

Belton Center for the Arts’ annual Holiday Market is an opportunity for local crafters and makers to sell their unique goods in time for Christmas.  These goods make great Christmas gifts, and should be available at price points to match consumer expectations.

Please note that vendors who are original makers of their merchandise will be prioritized.  Resellers, or Multi-Level Marketing distributors (Optavia, Young Living, etc.) that are accepted will be located on the second floor.
The Holiday Market opens on Tuesday, November 8.  As a vendor, you may choose to sell your merchandise only on the opening night, or you may choose to leave your booth set up through the remainder of the market.  Most vendors choose to leave their display for the majority of time the market is open, but that is up to you.  All merchandise must be removed by the Arts Center by 2pm,  December 10.

As a vendor, you are responsible for providing your own table and display.  The Arts Center may supply chairs but will not be able to provide tables or table linens for vendors to use.  If you are participating on opening night, please have your display set up and ready by 5 PM.  The Arts Center will be open at 10 AM, and you may come set up any time during the day.  On opening night, you will be responsible for taking your own money, so please remember to bring change.  Remember, there is no charge to be a vendor, but we ask for a 10% donation based on sales.  On opening night, you will be trusted to pay out 10% to the Arts Center.  Checks may be made out to BCA.  

The Arts Center will be open every Tuesday through Friday from 10 AM to 5 PM during the market.  We will also open on some Saturdays from 10 AM to 2 PM.  During these times, we will be staffed and equipped to handle your sales. At the end of the market, we will total your sales, and your 80% will be paid in the form of a check.  On your application, you are asked to indicate to whom checks can be made payable. You are also given the option to pick up your check in person or to have it mailed to the address of your choosing.  

When pricing your merchandise, please make price tags visible and apparent.  Your price tags or merchandise should be labelled with your name or the name of your business, so that we can accurately track your sales.  Please note that while we are staffed and are attentive to your merchandise, sometimes losses occur.  Belton Center for the Arts will be not be responsible for lost or stolen merchandise.

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